Editorial design
2017 —  Laus Young Talent Award

Analitic Journal 

It is an informative scrollable publication on socio-cultural topics that aims to transmit data in a clear, effective and in-depth manner. My idea was to create a publication that would allow, through the large surfaces it generates, greater versatility and extension through the use of infographics. I have always liked infographics, they are almost more effective than text and image separately. By combining the two concepts, you create a kind of hybrid that allows you to understand at first glance anything that is explained to you.Infographics are usually based on real data, making them more truthful than the opinion of a columnist or the bias that a written article may have. In the era of big data and the enormous generation of data by governments, companies and entities, the data must be channeled and ordered to facilitate analysis. For this reason, in recent times we have been immersed in a boom in infographics, also in journalism.

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